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Coco formally known as Tofi is the the lead mascot from the fanmade series Kanjo Precure the first seasons created by LinetteFox. Her human form name is Amada Tofida and she tends to say "~co" at the end of her sentences.


Coco is a very strong character she may not have much physical strength but mentally she's able to handle a lot. She's very straight forward and is not afraid to speak her mind. She's really good at helping the team out with their problems but not so good at dealing with her own, she tends to hide most of her feelings and doesn't normally talk about her physical health very much either.


Kibo Kamiya - Tofi acts very motherly towards Kibo, teaching her how to help around the cafe, enrolling her into elementary school, and playing with her a lot.

Fruit - Fruit is Tofi's assistant he helps do the magic tricks that Tofi is to weak to perform. She often refers to Fruit as her assistant to sound professional but they are Best Friends and have been together for a very long time.

Mirrol - Mirrol is Tofi's older brother and Emperor of the Kitsune Kingdom, she looks up to him and often contacts him for advice about her destiny

Lancelot - Lancelot is Tofi's apprentice, she's been training him to be the next guardian of the Kanjo stone and teaching him all the things he'll need to achieve that. Other then being her apprentice Tofi acts very motherly towards him as well.

Aimi Bushida - Tofi and Aimi are best friends and are very close.

Homura Hino - Tofi and Homura are also very close.

Amaya Furuya - Amaya is very kind to Tofi, they are also very close

Rei Emiko - Tofi looks down on Rei a lot since she's so childish, the two are also very close tho.

Chikako Hara - Tofi sees a lot of her old self in Chikako this makes there relationship not grow as fast as the rest of the group they eventually become good friends tho.



Tofida (トフィダ) doesn't have any meaning either she just added 'da' to her name to make it sound like an actual surname. A (天) meaning heavens, sky, imperial./ mada (田) meaning rice field, rice paddy.


Her original Backstory (from before I rewrote it)[]

Tofi was born Princess of the Kitsune kingdom and the next in line guardian of the Garden of Emotions after her brother became Emperor. In her younger years she always hated her destiny, she wanted to be free to follow her own dreams. She wanted to be the manager of her own cafe she also wanted to see more of the world then just her kingdom. One time while sneaking out of the castle she met a white kitsune named Fruit and the two became instant best friends they would often sneak off together to either play restaurant or adventure.

When she grew older and her brother took over their father's throne she had to stay and protect the stone, becoming the guardian connected her powers to the stone giving her the ability to sense emotions with 100% accuracy. Her and Fruit guarded the stone bravely with their magic until one day when the Emperor of Evil arrived and shattered the stone. Shattering the stone caused her to lose a lot of her magic, she can't do many spells most Kitsune her age can do she was unable to properly protect the gems and the Key chest that came from the stone. In a last attempt to keep what was left of the stone from the enemy she used the remainder of her power to separate the gems from their power and send it into five hearts that would become the Kanjo Precure.

Tofi's power still hasn't fully recovered, she can still sense emotions and transform into her human form and shoot small lasers of magic but it takes a lot more energy for her then most other Kitsunes. Having to just sit and watch while the others fight the bad guys has really negatively effected her and she sometimes charges into battle anyways even if she knows her attacks won't do anything. Usually Fruit is there to share his magic with her though.

In Episode 6 of Kanjo Precure Tofi opens her own cafe called the Golden Tail in Wakabai city and runs it with the Kanjo Precure. It also acts as a cover for the Kanjo Precure to hang out in and discuss Pretty Cure related stuff without worry of people discovering them.

Rewritten version[]

(in progress)

Random Facts[]

  • Tofi's original design was based off of an Eevee plush named Coco that LinetteFox used to play with a lot when she was little.
  • Her name was recently switched back to Coco.